Hey Moms!!!!!!!  Welcome to mPowered Moms. We are so excited that you’re here and we hope you follow along our journeys of “momhood”. mPowered Moms is a group of four regular moms that do a whole lot in addition to “mom-ing”. We understand that somewhere deep down inside us are these God-given abilities, gifts, and POWERS that are really supposed to be used for something. LOL!!! So we banned together to encourage each other beyond our fears, doubts, insecurities, mistakes, mess-ups, attitudes, and everything else. We have committed to pushing each other to use every gift that God has given us and we figured, “why not help other moms be empowered to do the same".  We are married to some awesome, loving, and supportive guys who allow us to be GREAT! AND, of course, we are MOMS of some great, talented, amazing, head strong, opinionated, creative, trailblazing kids that LITERALLY keep us on our ‘P’s” and “Q’s” on a daily basis.  We understand that “mom-ing” is not always easy, and we’re here to encourage you along your journey as you encourage us. Make sure you subscribe so you can stay connected to see the latest of what our Momhood Journeys have to offer. We are so proud of you, “Mom”, and remember you have a power within that makes you an “mPowered Mom” too.

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